Self-Service Beer Taprooms

Self-Service Beer Taprooms
Apr 2023

The Garden District Taproom is a self-service taproom that allows beer lovers to go about enjoying an innovative and highly engaging experience in which they can work their way around a selection of 25 taps that take advantage of 'iPourIt' self-pouring tech.
What's great about this self-service taproom is that guests can simply tap their wristband in order to pour drinks. By engaging with interactive touchscreens, users can delve into the various offerings available to them, check out digitized beer label artwork, peruse tasting notes and monitor alcohol percentage, among other variables.
"We love the self-pour model because it offers the freedom to get hands-on and choose what you want to pour and exactly how much or how little," said co-owner Rosie Hanson. "It's so exciting to share that experience with our community and provide a fun, interactive way for everyone to discover craft beer, even if they don't consider themselves a fan."
Image Credit: iPourit